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Bring the Heat! Inflatable Pools - Summer Fun for Kids!

Posted by Greg on 1/28/14 4:28 PM


“Arctic Blast,” “Polar Vortex,” or just plain “COLD!” However you choose to describe the bone-chilling conditions affecting most of the nation since early this month, we can certainly all agree on one thing: it is freezing! And freezing is an understatement for many portions of the country which are experiencing “high temperatures” in the negatives -- not including wind chill. Here in Memphis, Tennessee, we at Royal Swimming Pools are surviving with the heat cranked, and preparations for summer in full swing. To keep your mind off of the record lows, read on to discover products just in for the 2014 pool season!

If you’re looking to get creative with how to make pool time fun for your kids, look no further than our new 3D inflatable pools! Royal Swimming Pools now carries two types of 3D pools, both of which offer endless amounts of fun for kids looking to create their own deep-sea adventures! The Splash and Play 3D Adventure Pool is a 7 foot, round inflatable pool. It is an excellent product for those parents looking to invest in summertime fun that is quick and easy to set up! What makes this pool a unique choice for interactive fun is the scenery surrounding the walls and bottom of the pool. This imagery comes to life as soon as your child slips on their 3D goggles! Two pairs of 3D goggles are included with your purchase of the Splash and Play 3D Adventure Pool, and they are also sold separately, right on the Royal Swimming Pools website! This swimming pool is even more ideal for busy parents, and eager children, with its quick set up. Simply inflate the pool and its upper ring, locate a general water source such as an outside hose hookup, and fill it up! The Splash and Play 3D Adventure Pool promises an exciting and adventurous swimming experience for your kids this summer.

Another product new to the Royal Swimming Pools website is the Splash and Play 3D Interactive Pool. For summer fun in 2014, this pool creates a 3D swimming experience your young ones will enjoy for the whole season! This 20” deep, rectangle pool comes complete with two pairs of 3D goggles, a bag of crystal treasures, and 3D effects all throughout the pool. Whether your children are interested in diving for buried treasure, swimming along with life-like fish and other sea creatures, or just cooling off from the summer heat, the Splash and Play 3D Interactive Pool is a good choice for any parent! Compared to the Splash and Play 3D Adventure Pool, this rectangular pool is more shallow and smaller in width, providing an ideal swimming environment for younger children who may be less experienced swimmers! From its deep sea treasures, to the numerous 3D sea creatures popping off the walls, the Splash and Play 3D Interactive Pool is sure to keep your young children safe and entertained this pool season.

Don’t let the cold get you down! Visit, and start making plans for you and your children to enjoy the pool season right in your own backyard, with our new 3D swimming pools!

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